Advantages of the Montevideo Port

It is located in a strategic place of the River Plate (Montevideo-Uruguay). Is a hub and a transfer port which receives ships of great draught. The goods stays in free status untill smaller cargo ships transfer it to its final destination, mainly in South America.

It has a privileged geography and all natural conditions to be a regional Logistical Centre. More than half of cargo which passes through our country is for regional distribution and this is a growing tendency.

It is the entrance/exit to all South America through the Paraná- Paraguay river hightway. Along the whole stretch there are 64 argentinean, 3 bolivian, 11 brazilian and 38 paraguayan ports. Bolvia and Paraguay, being landocked countries, have their own spaces in the ports of Montevideo and Nueva Palmira.

 Montevideo port has a 11,5 meters (38 feet) draft. The National Authority is constantly doing dredging in order to have 12.5 meters (41 feet). In addition to that depth, Montevideo has an annual average tide of 90 centimetres, so it is very unlikely for a falling tide to obstruct operations.

We have the lowest prices to use the dock/port facilities in comparisson to other ports in the region.

Montevideo Port is only 30 minutes far from the ANCAP Refinery and it is possible to do a bunker delivery with a very short notice.